Kids and Students

The children and youth of Christ Chapel are the life of our church. We will always prefer our little ones and do for them before we do for ourselves.


Our Nursery areas are safe & clean. They are staffed with people who love God and love kids. When you allow us to serve you by caring for your infant or toddler, you can be assured that their experience will be wonderful.


Our Teens currently meet every other week at Hillcrest Baptist Church. Since we are a mobile church, meeting in a movie theater, we have had to locate other places to hold the ministries that can’t happen on a Sunday morning. We are thankful for the kindness of our friends at Hillcrest.


Our Elementary aged ministry is called KidZone and it is unlike anything your child has ever experienced at Church.It is FUN, engaging and designed so that your kids can experience God on a level that they will understand.Our motto in KidZone is: “You’ll never have to drag your kids to church again…but you may have to drag them home”